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Security for Internet of Things - OASIS Google Hangout discussion 27 May with Dan Blum & Jonathan Rodriguez

Security for Internet of Things is a hot topic. Just last week, our partner IC-Consult gave a talk about how BMW uses Secure APIs as a business enabler for the Connected Car. And tomorrow, I'm excited to be part of a Google Hangout discussion with Dan Blum and Jonathan Rodriguez about Security for Internet of Things.

Today it seems everything is either already networked, or will be soon. Methods originally used to hook up office printers are now being applied to cars, wearable devices, building sensors and security systems and ... you name it. As more devices are added, we find ourselves questioning whether we are taking adequate security measures, using appropriate access control and privacy methods, and properly defining who owns the data.

Every one of these emerging "intelligent networks" -- ranging from systems in a home (appliances, heating, cooling, communications, entertainment) ... and business (security, inventory, HVAC and access) ... to the devices in your car, on your body (wearable monitors, geolocators and mini-smartphones) or even in it (diagnostic devices and caregiver-assistance sensors) ... is generating data. Often very informative and private data.

In the Google Hangout discussion about Security for Internet of Things, we will discuss:
  • Will there be an "SOA of Things" or a "Cloud of FitBits"? 
  • Do adequate security and access control methods exist for the IoT? 
  • Who owns the data? 
  • Can privacy rights be designed into the IoT? 
Register here for the Google Hangout discussion, and I look forward to a lively debate!

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Mark O'Neill is VP Innovation at Axway - API and Identity. Previously he was CTO and co-founder at Vordel, which was acquired by Axway. A regular speaker at industry conferences and a contributor to SOA World Magazine and Cloud Computing Journal, Mark holds a degree in mathematics and psychology from Trinity College Dublin and graduate qualifications in neural network programming from Oxford University.