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Whether you're a startup or a 100 year old enterprise, the Internet of Things offers a variety of new capabilities for your business. IoT style solutions can help you get closer your customers, launch new product lines and take over an industry. Some companies are dipping their t... (more)
The Role of Hybrid Cloud in Driving the Future State of Business The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to require a new way of thinking and of developing software for speed, security and innovation. This requires IT leaders to balance business as usual while anticipating for the ne... (more)
What Businesses Want From Business Intelligence Software Business intelligence is a broad topic. Querying and reporting have been BI bread and butter for some time, but other techniques and methodologies have recently come under the BI umbrella: extract, transform, and load (ETL),... (more)
Everybody likes a good cliffhanger, and my last Cortex newsletter offered a doozy: Know when to optimize and know when to disrupt – and above all, know how to tell the difference. Deep. Profound, even. But just how are executives supposed to tell the difference, especially if the... (more)
DevOps: Disruptive but Essential in a Cloud Computing Universe SYS-CON Events, Inc. announced today that Microsoft has been named  "Diamond Sponsor" of 3rd International DevOps Summit in Silicon Valley. The widespread success of cloud computing is driving the DevOps revolution in ... (more)
JANUARY 8, 2014 02:00 PM EST When we talk about the impact of BYOD and BYOA and the Internet of Things, we often focus on the impact on data center architectures. That's because there will be an increasing need for authentication, for access control, for security, for applicatio... (more)
#SDN #DevOps API design best practices apply to the network, too. We (as in the industry at large) don't talk enough about applying architectural best practices with respect to emerging API and software-defined models of networking. But we should. That's because as we continue d... (more)
Certainly, enterprises feel the pressure to transition their networks to next generation architectures like SDN to brace the coming storm that is an app economy. Service providers could provide valuable advice to them on how to do that, if they could yell loud enough over the thu... (more)
It takes a lot of will power, in our data obsessed world to say "too much!" However, there are many ways where too much information is destroying productivity, and actually causing bad decision making, not good. But it is hard to avoid the world of opportunities that has been ope... (more)
How to Trace Transactions Across Every Layer of Your Distributed Software Stack On every invocation of a method along the transaction data is logged. An example of what might be logged by an APM tool is as follows: unique transaction id - sequence number - call depth - method detai... (more)
SYS-CON Events announced today that SoftwareAG will exhibit at SYS-CON's 15th International Cloud Expo®, which will take place on November 4-6, 2014, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. Software AG helps organizations transform into Digital Enterprises, so the... (more)
Click Here to Download This Whitepaper Now! In this challenging environment, a combination of automated integration testing and test virtualization can enable test teams to improve software quality and keep up with the rate of change. This white paper helps address these needs b... (more)
As one of Heroku’s beta users I had the chance to check out the new Heroku button gallery last week. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. Over the past few years, it’s fair to say Heroku have nailed their PAAS offering. They are one of the few PAAS providers to truly succeed... (more)
Log Analysis Takes Automated Orchestration Further Log analysis is a simple and cool way to add oversight to your orchestration environments. While scripting your infrastructure is a powerful tool, using it alone is a quick-hit device. But wait, there is more! You don’t even have t... (more)
Software Deployments, Rock Shows, and DevOps I’m going to see my favorite band ever tonight. In honor of this rare delight, I’ve decided to torture you readers by making an analogy between a rock show and a software release… Register For DevOps Summit "FREE" (by Friday) ▸ Here A ... (more)
Having just joined a large technology company with 20 years of history, it would be suicidal to believe that I can immediately move the entire organization to the DevOps mindset and model. For those not familiar with the term, "Eventual Consistency" is a model used in distributed... (more)
The epic changes brought about by mobile and cloud computing over the past 5 years have completely transformed the way organizations do business today. We now live in an age where mobile devices are the PCs of choice and mobile apps are the ubiquitous software of choice in this d... (more)
How much does an agile project management software differ from a traditional project management software? On short: pretty much. But on the other side both types of products have many things in common. Many say that agile is not a project management methodology but rather a prod... (more)
As a lifelong word junkie, I can honestly say that I've never seen more debate, argument, and failure to reach an agreed upon definition of a word than we're seeing over the word "DevOps." And while it can be frustrating to find a definition that works for you, and not be swayed ... (more)
Transforming IT: Building a Business-Driven Infrastructure For the Software Defined Business By Dustin Whittle September 17, 2014 Executives charged with building business-driven applications have an extremely challenging task ahead of them. However, the cavalry has arrived with... (more)
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