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10th International Cloud Expo, held on June 11-14, 2012 at the Javits Center in New York City, featured four content-packed days with a rich array of sessions about the business and technical value of cloud computing led by exceptional speakers from every sector of the cloud computing ecosystem. The Cloud Expo series is the fastest-growing Enterprise IT event in the past 10 years, devoted to every aspect of delivering massively scalable enterprise IT as a service. We invite you to enjoy our photo album of the show - we'll be adding new images all week. ... (more)

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Building Serverless Web Applications What if you could build a web application that could support true web-scale traffic without having to ever provision or manage a single server? Sounds magical, and it is! In his session at 20th Cloud Expo, Chris Munns, Senior Developer Advocate for Serverless Applications at Amazon Web Services, will show how to build a serverless website that scales automatically using services like AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon S3. We will review several frameworks that can help you build serverless applications, such as the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM), Chalice, and ClaudiaJS. Speaker Bio Chris Munns is a Senior Developer Advocate for Serverless Applications at Amazon Web Services based in New York City. He works with AWS's developer customers to understand how serverless technologies can drastically change the wa... (more)

Software AG Unveils SOA Web Services Competency Center

Software AG, Inc. has unveiled its SOA Competency Center (SOACC) in North America, which will help organizations understand the value of SOA (service-oriented architecture) in their unique environment, shape their SOA vision, plan and implement their SOA, and measure the extent to which an SOA project has met their own pre-established business objectives for success.  By using the services and expertise available from Software AG’s SOACC, businesses will be able to reduce the cost and time needed to implement SOA, and will be positioned to gain greater long-term value from SOA. The announcement was made at the Project Management Institute’s PMI Alamo Symposium 2005 (www.alamo-pmi.org/). Software AG’s SOA Competency Center combines a proven Methodology with SOA Best Practices that result from decades of large-scale project implementation for major c... (more)

Rogue Wave Software Enables High Performance SOA

Rogue Wave Software, a division of Quovadx, Inc. (Nasdaq: QVDX), a supplier of software development solutions for high performance business applications, announced the release of Rogue Wave HydraSCA, the first service grid for deploying high performance Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications based on the Service Component Architecture (SCA) specification. HydraSCA, the latest release in the Rogue Wave Hydra Suite, allows developers to increase application performance and scalability and reduce costs by taking full advantage of multi-core hardware while preserving existing technology investments. Growing businesses rely on the speed and agility of their IT systems. Many of these businesses will introduce multi-core CPUs to give servers more power and scale. Unfortunately, many mission-critical enterprise applications were not designed to take full advantage... (more)

More Than 9,000 Tuned Into Hal Stern's SOA World Opening Keynote

(SOA World Conference & Expo, New York City - June 25, 2007) SOA World Conference & Expo 2007 East opened today in New York City and will take place through Wednesday, June 27, 2007. The largest independent SOA and Web Services event in the world since its launch seven years ago, SOA World agenda this year also has been expanded to three days, offering seven simultaneous tracks of best SOA, Web Services, Enterprise Open Source, and Virtualization education available anywhere. Hal Stern (photo) delivered the opening keynote of the conference to a full audience at the keynote hall and more than 9,000 viewers who tuned into his keynote, streamed live on SYS-CON.TV. Stern finished his keynote presentation at 2:20 EST. The conference will take place on June 25-27, 2007, in New York City. There will be 700 developers, architects, IT managers, software professionals, and ... (more)

Phoenix Assurance Company Adopts BluePhoenix Solution That Sets Foundation for SOA Environment

BluePhoenix Solutions announced that it has successfully completed a legacy modernization and SOA pilot project at Israel Phoenix Assurance Company. The project modernized existing applications to provide Web services, and included a successful pilot program that tested the ability to migrate an application into a SOA environment. The migration to Web services increases application efficiency, and also extends their lifespan for years into the future. "The main modernization driver was to improve efficiency, while leveraging our legacy applications into an environment that can serve as a basis for service oriented architecture," said Ada Markman, senior vice president, head of the information systems division, and chief information officer for Phoenix Insurance. "We chose BluePhoenix because of their demonstrated expertise to modernize legacy system applications wi... (more)

Spansion Claims Breakthrough in Main Memory

Despite crippling losses, filing for Chapter 11, massive job cuts, the abrupt departure of its CEO and CFO, a search for somebody to buy it or merge with it, incapacitating debt, delisting threats and a patent suit, Spansion, the spun-off former AMD-Toshiba joint venture, has finally reached the jumping-off point it’s been aiming to get to for a couple of years now. It’s going to try to disrupt the industry by substituting NOR Flash for conventional server main memory. This is not the NOR that goes into cell phones. This is enterprise-grade NOR in a DIMM form factor, stuff that Google, Facebook and all the top sites are reportedly looking at. It’s meant to solve the problem of today’s typical x86 servers not being able to support the giant datasets people are currently trying to force down their throats because of their limited DRAM capacity, a solution other than ... (more)

The Future of Cloud Computing in India

India has the highest rate of adoption for Mobile. And the adoption drove the big players in the local and international market to have their presence in the Indian Mobile Operators space. In a similar way you will soon see various service providers for Cloud Computing emerging and it is going to be the next big wave after the Mobile era. If you take a deep look at the Cloud Computing technology, it is nothing but providing IT related resources such as computing, storage, Network, system security, application, platform as a service. These services are charged based on the usage. Usage-based pricing is not something new to us and our Mobile, Telephone, Internet and Electricity follows the same pricing model. Scarcity of Resources India as a country with a huge population base has never been given adequate resources to embrace innovation. The case is even worse if you ... (more)

Cloud Expo Silicon Valley: Re-Think IT. Re-Inventing Business

Cloud Expo Silicon Valley $500 Savings here! We are seeing dramatic shifts as our planet becomes smarter. These shifts are changing the way business and society work. At the center of this change is Information Technology - the way it is accessed, applied, and architected. At the same time, IT leaders are faced with the challenge to do more and support aggressive business growth, while reducing costs. We are entering the next era of computing - Smarter Computing. An era of insight for discovery powered by efficient and innovative IT, and made possible through the integration of big data in optimized systems and innovative IT delivery models such as cloud computing. Enterprises are adopting cloud computing to not only change the economics of IT, but help drive transformation and new business outcomes. In his general session at the 9th International Cloud Expo, Rich Lec... (more)

Cloud Expo New York: Best Practices for Big Unstructured Data Storage

Cloud Expo New York $500 Savings here! Big Data has become very popular as what can probably best be described as "loosely structured large scale data", i.e., data sets of relatively small files. In his session at the 10th International Cloud Expo, Tom Leyden, Director of Alliances and Marketing at Amplidata, will explain what Big Unstructured Data is (lots of large, unstructured files) and how you build scalable storage infrastructures that can handle such volumes of data. The focus will be on Object Storage, which is the future storage paradigm that uses concepts of cloud computing to optimize the back-end storage for cloud applications. Explore Cloud Expo Sponsorship & Exhibit Opportunities ! Speaker Bio: Tom Leyden is Director of Alliances and Marketing at Amplidata, a Belgian Object Storage Innovator. He joined Amplidata in 2009 to drive the company's marketin... (more)

Understanding Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

In Windows Server 2008 R2 (WS2008R2), Terminal Services (TS) has been expanded and renamed to Remote Desktop Services (RDS). RDS is the backbone of Microsoft's VDI solutions. And in Windows Server 2012, RDS is further enhanced and with a scenario-based configuration wizard. Still the concept and architecture remain very much the same since WS2008R2. The new and enhanced architecture takes advantage of virtualization and makes remote access a much flexible solution with new deployment scenarios. To realize the capabilities of RDS, it is essential to understand the functions of key architectural components and how they complement one another to process a RDS request. There are many new terms and acronyms to get familiar with in the context of RDS. For the remainder of this post, notice RDS implies the server platform of WS2008R2 and later, while TS implies WS2008. Th... (more)

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Digital Transformation is well underway with many applications already on the cloud utilizing agile and devops methodologies. Unfortunately, application security has been an afterthought and data breaches have become a daily occurrence. Security is not one individual or one's team responsibility. Raphael Reich will introduce you to DevSecOps concepts and outline how to seamlessly interweave security principles across your software development lifecycle and application lifecycle management. With ...
CloudEXPO New York 2018, colocated with DXWorldEXPO New York 2018 will be held November 11-13, 2018, in New York City and will bring together Cloud Computing, FinTech and Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Big Data, Internet of Things, DevOps, AI, Machine Learning and WebRTC to one location.
DevOpsSummit New York 2018, colocated with CloudEXPO | DXWorldEXPO New York 2018 will be held November 11-13, 2018, in New York City. Digital Transformation (DX) is a major focus with the introduction of DXWorldEXPO within the program. Successful transformation requires a laser focus on being data-driven and on using all the tools available that enable transformation if they plan to survive over the long term.
Two apparently distinct movements are in the process of disrupting the world of enterprise application development: DevOps and Low-Code. DevOps is a cultural and organizational shift that empowers enterprise software teams to deliver better software quicker – in particular, hand-coded software. Low-Code platforms, in contrast, provide a technology platform and visual tooling that empower enterprise software teams to deliver better software quicker -- with little or no hand-coding required. ...
"We do one of the best file systems in the world. We learned how to deal with Big Data many years ago and we implemented this knowledge into our software," explained Jakub Ratajczak, Business Development Manager at MooseFS, in this SYS-CON.tv interview at 20th Cloud Expo, held June 6-8, 2017, at the Javits Center in New York City, NY.
All zSystem customers have a significant new business opportunity to extend their reach to new customers and markets with new applications and services, and to improve the experience of existing customers. This can be achieved by exposing existing z assets (which have been developed over time) as APIs for accessing Systems of Record, while leveraging mobile and cloud capabilities with new Systems of Engagement applications. In this session, we will explore business drivers with new Node.js apps ...
Using new techniques of information modeling, indexing, and processing, new cloud-based systems can support cloud-based workloads previously not possible for high-throughput insurance, banking, and case-based applications. In his session at 18th Cloud Expo, John Newton, CTO, Founder and Chairman of Alfresco, described how to scale cloud-based content management repositories to store, manage, and retrieve billions of documents and related information with fast and linear scalability. He addres...
While some developers care passionately about how data centers and clouds are architected, for most, it is only the end result that matters. To the majority of companies, technology exists to solve a business problem, and only delivers value when it is solving that problem. 2017 brings the mainstream adoption of containers for production workloads. In his session at 21st Cloud Expo, Ben McCormack, VP of Operations at Evernote, discussed how data centers of the future will be managed, how the p...
Containers and Kubernetes allow for code portability across on-premise VMs, bare metal, or multiple cloud provider environments. Yet, despite this portability promise, developers may include configuration and application definitions that constrain or even eliminate application portability. In this session we'll describe best practices for "configuration as code" in a Kubernetes environment. We will demonstrate how a properly constructed containerized app can be deployed to both Amazon and Azure ...
The now mainstream platform changes stemming from the first Internet boom brought many changes but didn’t really change the basic relationship between servers and the applications running on them. In fact, that was sort of the point. In his session at 18th Cloud Expo, Gordon Haff, senior cloud strategy marketing and evangelism manager at Red Hat, will discuss how today’s workloads require a new model and a new platform for development and execution. The platform must handle a wide range of rec...